Connectors & Creators
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our crew

There is no i’’ in team and together we can conquer the world. We have cultivated a creative team of superheroes that each possess a specific talent that cost effectively executes their skills in the bigger picture. From videographers to photographers and set designers to graphic designers and e-commerce strategists, our crew spans the gamut of skills. We love playing with PR agencies and digital professionals as an extension of their overall project. We believe working together is the only way to properly engage and create buzz worthy conversation, and well….FOMO.

We’ve got a great network of influencers, from fashion and lifestyle to mom bosses and travel, located domestically and internationally. We service brands that have specific regional influencer requests as well as targeted consumer groups and know how to effectively engage their specified audience. Below are a few of the influencers we work with spanning across the country.

To summarize the magic of Connectors & Creators in one sentence would be impossible! Their ability to showcase a brand through creative ingenuity has earned the respect of influencers around the world. Morgan and Natasha bring a fresh flair to collaborations making them a dream to work with!
— Collins Tuohy Smith, subject from the movie "The Blindside", entrepreneur and fashion blogger

Some of the brands we have partnered with: