who we are

two NYC gals 💁🏻🙋🏻 who are the creative muscle behind collaborating with brands and influencers while cultivating valuable buzz marketing and content!


meet morgan and natasha


it all starts out the same.…

you get an invite for an event that includes: free champagne, air kisses, food that nobody ever eats, and swag bags. you get to the event and realize you have no clear idea of why you are even there in the first place. was it the launch of a fragrance or was someone inspirational speaking? morgan and natasha’s paths crossed at one of these elusive events while snacking on sour candy in a corner and sparks flew. not romantic ones, but the kind that make you sh*t glitter and realize anything is possible. connecting over our love of networking, like minded ideas and obviously our ambition for memorable and creative events, connectors and creators was naturally born.

let us inspire you to create. or lets just chat over a box of sour patch kids. either way, let’s make a date to create something amazing together!


morgan: co-founder

always knew she’d live a creative life. throughout her design career, she has worked for interior design icons jamie drake, doug and gene meyer, and the dutch design queen, ghislaine vinas. morgan has worked on projects featured in elle décor, interior design magazine, new york magazine and architectural digest. she later transitioned to work in the fashion industry where she led the creative visuals and marketing for a shoe brand. her creative background played a big part in role producing photoshoots, videos and events. during this time she quickly learned the importance content plays for brands. from social media, to e-commerce and e-mail marketing she quickly realized…content is king. strong relationships with social media influencers grew across the nation.

with the imagination of a five-year-old and a penchant for bright colors, the half chilean, half american, interior designer and mother has carefully cultivated a passion for making things beautiful; be it designing interiors, creating events or producing photo shoots. she enjoys traveling the world! she’s been 60 countries and counting, connecting with new people, spending time with family, and is always exploring new avenues of creativity. she currently lives and works in new york city with her husband and daughter.

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natasha: co-founder

 is a former fashion publicist making moves from the publishing industry to in-house luxury brands. from executing countless runway shows around the world to working on client collaborations garnering them mentions in the new york times, vogue and various other nationally acclaimed media, natasha took her jet setting days to her blog, jetsetaway and has continued to document her travels, near and far. she loves anything and everything hello kitty, temporary tattoos, instagramming sunsets and has a serious sweet tooth.

when she isn't traveling, you can find natasha searching for the newest rooftop bar, exploring a new pop up art exhibit or catching rare pokemon. natasha currently contributes to harper’s bazaar and popsugar and lives in manhattan with her husband and their lizard gecko, sally.

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