we believe in the four "e"s:

educate, entertain, engage, evolve

here at connectors and creators…

we’re serious about fun. creating fun content, cultivating a fun environment and conceptualizing (and executing) fun activations and creative content, all while having a blast doing it! If you’re the type of brand that loves to text, feel free to do that!

think of us as your company and brand’s bestie who's got your best interests at heart and will keep you relevant and eye catching in the digital world. we will never tell you what you want to hear, just because you want to hear it, because let’s face it, that always ends badly. basically we will never bullshit you. we will brainstorm ideas based upon your company goals and initiatives and connect brands to reach vertical markets. we leverage our relationships with brands, media and influencers to generate meaningful thought provoking partnerships in order to differentiate your event, activation, presentation or project we have on hand.

the team at connectors and creators understands that industry practices are continually changing and we are quick on our feet to adapt, evolve and understand how to make the most influential impact on a client’s behalf.